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Art Therapy and Grief

Every week I provide art therapy to those grieving and experiencing end-of-life through the Campbell River Hospice.

Here's a quick article I wrote summarizing the value of art therapy in grief work.

"Art Therapy is a form of therapy that values creativity as a path towards healing and a means towards gaining a deeper understanding of the self. It goes beyond words and helps the individual express themselves in a different way. Artistic expression can be beneficial to anyone regardless of their artistic skill since the focus is on the process and not a product. Art Therapy at Hospice provides a safe space to process and express any feelings surrounding grief and loss. Making art can also produce feelings of control and accomplishment during a time when the person may feel overwhelmed by a lack of control. Making art in a therapeutic setting can help provide comfort, exploration and meaning surrounding death and dying. Since the grieving process is unique to each individual, we provide a variety of services to help meet this need. Art Therapy is one option for people to help express and work through their grief." Kathryn Schmidt, MA, CCC Hospice Art Therapist & Counsellor. To make a donation call us at 250-286-1121 or donate online #griefcantwait

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